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Aptamil® Feed Thickener

Breast milk / Breast milk substitute thickener

Aptamil® Feed Thickener is a thickening agent and may be mixed with breast milk or infant formula to assist in the management of regurgitation. Aptamil®Feed Thickener may also be used to thicken the fluids and foods of infants, children and adults. In all cases it should only be used under medical supervision.

  • This product is not an infant formula or breast milk substitute.
  • Use to thicken liquids or foods but NOT as a sole source of nutrition.
  • Failure to follow directions can be harmful for your baby.
  • Only to be used under medical supervision.
  • Not suitable for use with premature infants

To assist infants with regurgitation, Aptamil®Feed Thickener can be used safely and effectively for thicken infant feeds. Thickened feeds may assist with the dietary management of regurgitation.

For breastfed infants: Aptamil® Feed Thickener can be mixed with a small amount of cool boiled water or expressed breast milk and fed as a gel before, during or directly after the breast feed. Alternatively it can be mixed with expressed breast milk to thicken the feed.

For formula fed infants: Aptamil® Feed Thickener can be used to thicken standard infant formula, or specialty formulas. If a baby on standard formula requires a thickened feed, Aptamil® AR Gold+ Infant Formula, which already contains thickener is recommended.

For thickened food: Aptamil® Feed Thickener can be used to thicken food such as soups, sauces, purees and custards.

If you have any questions about Aptamil® Feed Thickener, please call our team of healthcare professionals on 1800 438 500 or email us.

Nip Feed Thickener

Aptamil® Feed Thickener Preparing Thickened Bottle Feeds

  1. Preparing thickened bottle feeds:

    Use expressed breast milk, or prepare infant formula as
    directed. Add to the bottle, 2 scoops (8g) of Aptamil®
    Feed Thickener for each 200mL of breast milk or
    formula. Shake vigorously. If baby continues to
    regurgitate, gradually increase to 3 or 4 scoops for
    each 200mL. A medium-fast flow teat is recommended
    unless otherwise advised.

  2. Preparing a gel:

    Sprinkle 1 scoop of Aptamil®
    Feed Thickener into 20-30mL (approximately 1-2
    tablespoons) of cooled, boiled water, expressed
    breast milk or infant formula. Whisk or mix vigorously
    to a thin paste. Increase up to 2 scoops if a thicker gel
    is needed. Feed the gel from a spoon, cup or plastic
    syringe, before, during or directly after the breast or
    bottle feed. Make into a paste to apply to the nipples.

  3. Preparing Thickened Foods:

    Add Aptamil® Feed
    Thickener gradually to foods such as soups, sauces,
    purees and custards, until desired texture is achieved.

Note for all feed preparations:

  • All formula feeds should be prepared immediately before feeding baby
    Do not prepare gels, thickened feeds or thickened food in advance as thickness will increase on standing

  • Discard unfinished gels, feeds or food

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Available online and in pharmacies

  • 380 gram tins
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