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News and updates on Aptamil Gold+ and Aptamil Profutura products

We hope that these questions help answer any queries you have about the Aptamil Gold+ and Aptamil Profutura products. If you have any further questions you would like to ask, please contact our Advisory Team on 1800 438 500.

  • Are there any changes to the ongoing supply of Aptamil Gold+ Toddler and Aptamil Profutura Toddler products at my retailer?

    • At Danone Nutricia, our aim is to have Aptamil Gold+ Toddler and Aptamil Profutura Toddler products always available for Australian parents and carers.

      At present, there is unprecedented demand for Aptamil Gold+ Toddler and Aptamil Profutura Toddler products. We understand that the surge in demand is largely due to increased demand from overseas, and sourced through Australian retail outlets.

      We know this is affecting the availability of these products on supermarket and pharmacy shelves in Australia and we’re taking a number of actions to improve supply and availability.

      We have introduced an official online store to enable you to purchase Aptamil Gold+ Toddler and Aptamil Profutura Toddler at any time.

      We limit individual orders so that all shoppers have availability.

      We are also working hard to increase the availability of our products in local supermarkets and pharmacies.

      • We have stepped up our operations to increase manufacturing, and over recent months, have increased output of Aptamil Gold+ Toddler by 50% and quadrupled Aptamil Profutura Toddler production
      • Our New Zealand factories are now producing 24 hours a day through the week, and have implemented weekend operations
      • We have implemented extra logistics shifts to speed up the release of stock to wholesale and retail channels

      Despite these measures, we are limited in the amount of raw ingredients we can access, and there is only so much that can be produced each day.

      We’re also working with supermarket, pharmacy and other retail partners and recommend a fair limit on the number of cans able to be sold to any one customer to ensure the product is available to more customers. We continue to work collaboratively with them to manage stock flow and help maintain product availability. Your local store may be able to provide guidance on their upcoming deliveries.

      We apologise for any inconvenience your family may have experienced during this time. We encourage you to engage with our Advisory Team for any guidance with your child’s needs. Our Advisory Team can be contacted on 1800 438 500.

  • Why has the labelling changed?

    • Danone Nutricia is currently updating the labels on all products sold in Australia and New Zealand. Danone Nutricia is implementing the label changes to comply with new regulations set out by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) that relate to health and nutrition claims.

      The nutrient and food health claims section of each product will be updated as part of the FSANZ regulation changes, which come into effect in January 2016. Importantly, the label changes do not impact the ingredients or nutritional benefits of Danone Nutricia’s product range.

      Danone Nutricia’s advisory team of nutritionists, dietitians and midwives is available to provide detailed product information and guidance on 1800 438 500.

  • Why are there changes to the feeding guide and ingredient list?

    • Danone Nutricia is committed to sourcing product ingredients locally where possible. Danone Nutricia’s recent acquisition of the Gardians facility in Balclutha, New Zealand provided the company with an additional local facility that met Danone Nutricia’s rigorous quality and safety standards. Further it provided Danone Nutricia with long-term access to a fresh New Zealand milk supply, and additional blending and packing facilities.

      Since acquiring the Balclutha facility, Danone Nutricia has been working to incorporate the factory’s capabilities into the company’s base powder supply network. The following infant formula and follow-on milks will now be formulated with base powder from Danone Nutricia’s Balclutha facility: Aptamil Gold +, Aptamil Profutura and Aptamil AR. Each product will have an on-lid sticker to notify customers of the change.

      The base powder from the Balclutha facility meets Danone Nutricia’s stringent quality and safety standards. Importantly, there is no change to the ingredients, nutritional makeup and benefits or overall formulation of the base powder from our Balclutha facility.

      New Scoops

      As part of the change to base powder sourcing, some products may contain a new scoop size and/or colour. We make the scoop size to hold the correct weight of formula powder to ensure the required nutritional value is in each serving. Look out for this when you see the on-lid stickers providing notification of the change. It is always recommended that you use the scoop enclosed in each tin purchased.

      Transition information

      The base powder made at Danone Nutricia’s Balclutha facility has undergone extensive testing to ensure it has the same taste and consistency as the current base powder. Most babies will be able to move smoothly from their existing product to the products containing the new base powder, however some may notice a slight difference and should be slowly transitioned onto the new product. For personalised transition advice, please contact your healthcare professional, or speak to one of our trained advisory team of nutritionists, dietitians or midwives.

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