Latest update on Aptamil Supply:

September 9th, 2014

Please find below information regarding the availability of Aptamil Specialty Formula products:


We have now returned to full stock levels of Aptamil Gold De-Lact, Aptamil Gold+ HA, Aptamil Gold+ AllerPro and Aptamil AR. You should be able to purchase these products at your normal retail outlet, however, if your local store does not have stock, you may ask them to place an order for it.

We again apologise for the inconvenience your family may have experienced during this time. We will continue to provide updates on our stock situation and encourage you to engage with our Careline for any guidance with your baby’s needs.

Finding your product

If you are unable to find your preferred product in your usual store or online site, you should be able to purchase through the following online retailers:

Our Careline team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have during this time, including providing advice on suitable alternatives. The Careline team can be contacted on the following toll-free number: 1800 438 500.


We have experienced a delay in the latest production of Aptamil Feed Thickener and as a result there are very low stocks available at retail level. Unfortunately, our best estimate on when this product will be back in full supply again is the 3rd week of October.

We understand that this product is extremely important in the diets of some babies, and we encourage you to please contact our Careline team on 1800 438 500. We would like to provide you with support that is specific to your baby’s needs.

We apologise for the difficulty that this situation may cause your family and assure you that we are doing everything we can, to try and improve on the current estimated availability date. Please do contact our Careline to discuss your baby’s requirements. Our team includes dietitians, nutritionists and midwives who will try their best to assist you and your baby during this time.

Changes to Ingredient Sourcing:

Danone Nutricia is committed to providing mums, dads and carers with products that meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our commitment is such that our standards exceed Australian and New Zealand industry requirements.

Change in suppliers

Danone Nutricia’s product range has always been made from a blend of ingredients sourced from New Zealand, Australia and other overseas suppliers. A recent shift in Danone Nutricia’s supplier network has led to a change in the origin of some of these ingredients. 

Our base powder is now sourced from a number of other suppliers in Australia, New Zealand and Europe that have all met Danone Nutricia’s rigorous quality and safety standards. 

Same nutritional support

Our products still deliver the same nutritional benefits, however there may be a slight variation in taste, colour and or/smell of your usual product.  All packaging labels have been updated to reflect any changes in the source of ingredients used and these products will also display an on-lid sticker to notify mums, dads and carers that the change has taken place.

Look out for this sticker on lid:

Aptaclub _au

Still blended and packed in New Zealand

Danone Nutricia remains committed to source ingredients locally from New Zealand and Australia, and will also continue to proudly blend and pack the majority of our Karicare and Aptamil products in New Zealand. This commitment was recently demonstrated through Danone Nutricia’s agreement with the Sutton Group and Gardians to acquire local facilities in New Zealand.  These facilities will provide Danone Nutricia with long term access to fresh NZ milk supply, and additional blending and packing capabilities.

Which Aptamil products does this affect?

All Aptamil Gold+ products, stages 1 to 4, in Australia & New Zealand (with the exception of Aptamil Gold+ De-Lact, AllerPro, Pepti-Junior and Feed Thickener).

New scoops

As part of the change, some products will transition to a new scoop. We make the scoop size to hold the correct weight of formula powder to ensure the required nutrients in each serving.  Look out for this when you see the on-lid stickers above. It is always recommended that you use the scoop enclosed in each tin purchased. 

Contact us

If you have any questions about this change, our trained Careline team of Nutritionists, Dietitians and Midwives are happy to provide you with information and guidance. 

Toll free Careline – 1800 438 500

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