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Registered Nurse and Midwife [B. Nursing; Grad. Dip. Midwifery]


“Through my philosophy of teaching people to help themselves, I strive to make scientific nutrition knowledge accessible, understandable and useful to parents with young children. This way they can provide their child with the best start in life.”

Prior to joining the Aptamil Advisory Service, Amanda worked with women and children's health in a range of capacities, including as an on-call Midwife at one of the Southern Hemisphere's largest hospitals. Additionally, Amanda has spent time supporting parents and sick newborns whilst working in a special care nursery.

Since joining the team, Amanda has helped many parents with their antenatal concerns. From conception through to taking baby home, Amanda’s experience allows her to address a range of topics including antenatal care, pregnancy expectations, labour and more.

Ask Amanda about

Antenatal care; Labour; First weeks with baby.


Customer Care representative


“A lot of the time, mums call me with feeding questions or needing reassurance about their little one’s nutrition and I can help them understand what’s involved.”

As a Customer Care representative, Louissa is dedicated to empowering parents with knowledge about their infants’ nutritional requirements. With specialised expertise, Louissa is a font of knowledge on which ones best suit a child’s needs, and where they are available. Although she’s not yet a mum, Louissa comes from a big family where she has had a lot to do with babies and children. Louissa feels her interaction with parents on the Careline together with her experiences within other areas of the business have prepared her for (almost) anything.

Ask Louissa about

Infant nutritional requirements; post-natal care.


Registered Nurse, Midwife and Lactation Consultant [RN; RM; IBCLC; CFHN; IPN]


“I firmly believe that families need all the support that they can get on this very special, but sometimes challenging, journey. By providing women with up-to-date information and expert guidance on caring, nursing and nutrition, we can support and empower them to be the best mothers possible.”

For more than 30 years, Deborah has worked with young families in both hospital and community settings. In this time, her experience has taken her from working as a Lactation Consultant at one of Sydney’s main hospitals, to practising with the Royal Flying Doctors in Far North Queensland.

Now, as part of the Aptamil Advisory Service, Deborah offers her expertise to assist mums better understand how optimal health begins with great nutrition, an investment in life-long health.

Ask Deborah about

Antenatal care; Labour; First weeks with baby.


Nutritionist [BSc, PG Diploma Human Nutrition & Diploma in Teaching (Primary)]


“Nutrition is very important from preconception onwards. Recent genetic research has shown that diet influences the expression of our genes and that our parents’ diets before, and mum’s diet during pregnancy, can have a very important effect on babies’ health at birth and in the future.”

As a Nutritionist, Sue Statham brings a wealth of knowledge to the Aptamil Advisory Service. Knowing the critical role nutrition plays in a child’s development, Sue offers expert advice and insight to mothers, fathers & caregivers. This includes advice on early life nutrition topics such as pregnancy diets, dealing with allergies, and dietary requirements for toddlers.

Additionally, Sue brings the knowledge she has gained from her own experiences raising her two children, and as a primary school teacher.

Ask Sue about

Nutritional requirements for pre-conception and pregnancy; Dietary requirements for infants and toddlers; Dealing with allergies; Post-natal depression.


Registered Dietitian [BA, PG Diploma Human Nutrition, Master of Nutrition & Dietetics]


“It’s important to respect that parents want to do their best to raise their babies with optimal nourishment. My role is to help them find the right way for their families. By providing an objective, holistic overview, we clarify their options and enable them to be the parents they want to be.”

As a registered Dietitian, Kristin works to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition. Her career has seen her practise in both community and private facilities, assisting mothers, fathers and caregivers on both sides of the Tasman.

Her training and experience continue to serve her well as part of the Aptamil Advisory Service. As part of the team, Kristin helps to educate mothers on the critical impact early life nutrition has on a child’s long-term health.

Ask Kristin about

Dietary requirements; Dealing with allergies; Picky eaters.


Nutritionist [BSc, PG Diploma Human Nutrition & Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)]


“There is so much conflicting information out there about feeding your baby, and I’m here to make informed choices. Often parents are already doing the right things, and just need some professional reassurance.”

Caroline is a nutritionist specialising in early-life care, so she’s able to assist mums, dads and caregivers in making the best dietary choices for their babies. Nutrition from pregnancy right up to toddlerhood has a huge impact on long-term health, and Caroline believes it’s important to share this knowledge with parents and caregivers.

As well as being a nutritionist, Caroline has successfully raised 2 children of her own and so has plenty of practical experience with the challenges of raising healthy, active kids.

Ask Caroline about

Nutritional requirements from pregnancy to toddlerhood.


Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist [Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics]


“I’m here to provide support and advice on nutrition for fussy eaters and babies with allergies and intolerances, so parents can ensure their baby is always getting the right nutrients.”

Christine graduated with a Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Sydney and is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist (APD/AN). Her goal is to empower parents to provide their children with the best nutritional start in life, which can enhance their physical, mental and social development.

Christine draws on her experience of working in a variety of nutrition settings, including community and clinical nutrition, and the food industry. She has presented numerous nutrition education seminars for young mums and carers. Having worked alongside mums with gestational diabetes, she also offers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to meal ideas for a variety of requirements.

Ask Christine about

Fussy eaters; Allergies; Intolerances.




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…I can’t thank you enough for helping me find a solution for Layla. You’re amazing at what you do…you cared when no one else did. Thank you immensely xo… Karen, Dec '14

…I’ve rung the Aptamil Customer Advice line on numerous occasions and have been greeted by very friendly ladies with lots of helpful information. They have great product knowledge and even understood what FPIES is.… Lisa, Sept '14

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