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Benefits of breast milk

Breast is considered best for many reasons: It provides optimal nourishment for your baby and natural goodness along with many benefits. Below are just a few of the benefits that breast milk provides to your baby.


Benefits for You

Breastfeeding stimulates the release of a hormone called oxytocin. When your baby first begins suckling, this prompts your milk to start flowing at the same time as contracting your uterus. The contractions help your body recover after birth. The hormone oxytocin also has a positive effect on your emotions; it makes you feel relaxed and content while feeding your baby and makes feeding a comforting experience for both of you.

  • Pre-pregnancy weight

  • Delay of menstrual cycle

  • Convenience of breast feeding


Benefits for your Baby

The complex composition of your breast milk is constantly changing over time, ensuring your baby is getting optimal nutrition at exactly the right temperature and to meet your baby’s nutritional needs for growth and development. The composition of breast milk not only changes from month to month, but subtle differences also occur throughout the day, and even from the start to the end of a feed.

  • Developing immune system

  • Stimulating your baby's senses

  • Bonding with you

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