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Breast Feeding advice

Breast feeding is undoubtedly best, according to experts and lots of mums too. This section covers many aspects of breast feeding; from the basics of how to breast feed to why breast milk is so beneficial. It also looks at why your diet is important to your baby's nutrition, along with the most common breast feeding problems and solutions you might encounter as you and your baby get the hang of it.

Once you get the hang of it, it's quick and convenient. But breast feeding is a learned skill and many newborns need time to learn, just as you will require a strong commitment and some perseverance in the early days. While breast feeding is perceived as being natural and instinctual, it is common to experience difficulties because proper technique is required by both you and baby to get it right, which takes a lot of practice. It can take time and patience to figure out the technique - however, most problems can be overcome with the right education and support and the benefits breast feeding bring to you and your baby make it worth persevering with.

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